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The CPA2GO Story

After growing a small local firm 500% in 7 years, a CPA saw a trend developing among business owners and individuals seeking advice. That trend sparked an idea that support from CPA’s and business professionals could be offered without setting up an appointment or waiting for a phone call.

Thus, CPA2GO was born! Why not provide quality answers and professional advice at the fingertips of those who need it most? CPA’s are in high demand especially with the current market structure. Tax laws change and business owners as well as individuals are left with numerous questions.

For many business owners, their business is their lifeline. We here at CPA2GO are vested in partnering with you to expand your business and assist you to achieve success.

What our clients are saying

As a business owner, I trust the expertise and guidance of CPA2GO. The professionals at CPA2GO really made my life easier when it came to my tax questions.

Leslie Hankins

Owner, LaRousse Events